Alternative Content in the Cinema


Whilst thousands of people all over the UK will go the cinema on Wednesday nights, a new form of entertainment is emerging that will multiply that mid-week audience. Alternative Content, or Event Cinema is a revolution in modern cinema that will change the way we treat a night out in front of the big screen.

Cinema chains including Odeon, Empire, Vue and Cineworld, now screen live events in their theatres from sports to ballet, from opera to museum and band tours. Enthusiasts and newcomers alike can now experience the excitement of a live venue on the other side of the world for a fraction of the price in their own home towns.
Not only this, but Alternative Content is bringing people back to the screens who haven’t been in years. The revenue of this growing industry is set to rise from £200m to £250m in one year alone and within five years will rise beyond £500m.
Alternative Content will diversify the range of entertainment events all over the world and has already played a significant role in creating an additional demand from not only consumers but suppliers in the form of revolutionary distribution of content."
MusicScreen thinks that these events are 'better than being there'!
Hannah Andrews

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