5 MARCH 2015

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MusicScreen brings all the excitement and atmosphere of a live music event to cinema screens around the world.

Made possible by the joint skills of cinema and audio professionals, MusicScreen uniquely invites global artists to 'bring down the house' in front of a live audience at an iconic Berlin venue. Their act is then simultaneously delivered to global cinema screens via hi-def picture and 5.1 surround sound delivering a truly 'live' experience.
"We will create an experience in the cinema of such quality that the audience will feel that they are at the actual event! With the advantage of comfortable cinema seats and perfect sound… we take you there!"
The MusicScreen concept has been purpose-built for cinema and cinema-goers: we create the venue and the environment to enable best performance and best transmission allowing the MusicScreen audience unique access to their favourite artists.

The demand for live music has never been greater, so MusicScreen's high quality on-screen solution satisfies the industry's call for a mid-week stream of alternative content.

Live from Berlin to your local cinema Programme of international popular artists
Live every first Wednesday of the month Repeat playback screening in selected cinemas
Exclusively for cinema High definition, 5.1 surround sound
Launching in Autumn 2013

MusicScreen Around the World

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